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Brand new release at store today … woot “Torn”

Torn consists of Black Jeans, cut of with a Garter and fishnet stocking, A Ripped Tube Top, with corresponding panties or Black Thong. It is available in 6 Colors, Pink, Red, White, Purple, Blue and Green. Available as always on the SL Market place or in world at the store.

Blog Picture Torn

Bump and Grind

New week …

Bounce Two packs, each have strapped tanks, cute, sexy and show some Major cleavage rawr

Bounce Pack 1

Bounce pack 2

Bump 6 majorly cheeky Booty Shorts :) all in one pack for 75 L. Available as always on xstreet and inworld at the store.


Other Random Ramblings … We currently have 4 Hunts active in the store, FreakYou, Sleepless in SL, Needle in a Hay Stack, and Dar2Bare … all only have a few days remaining so come and snag the freebies while you still can

Cheeky Bugger …

New releases this week … This post is a little belated i know, but better late than never …

American Beauty

6 Bikini’s Red, White and Blue, and the US, Rebel and UK Flags

The Cheek of It

6 Bikini’s and 6 Booty shorts

Both items are priced at 150 L each and are available in world at the main store and on xstreetSL

Taxi to Main Store

Taxi to Xstreet

Tear it Up

It’s that time of week again to set out all the goodies we made this week, we have new shirts up on the wall, new Dollarbie, and Freebie, new MM prize.

Due to the popularity of the Ripped Half shirt freebie we set out last week, Her Highness (Anna) and I decided we should rework and create a new item for this week along the same lines.

We give you Tear it Up …

The three packs are 150 Lindens each and 60 L each for the singles. As always, they are available both in world at the main store and on XStreet SL.

Basic Lingerie

This item isn’t new, it’s one of the items that was already out on the wall before we got the blog started. This originally was just going to be a Midnight Mania prize, so it’s relatively inexpensive, priced at 75 L for 4 Colors. It’s available on the wall in the Main Store and Xstreet SL.

Show Us Your Knickers

Starting at Midnight on Saturday, the letter for next weeks letter of the week is “K” our submission is “Show Us Your Knickers” Regular price is 150 L, for one week only it will be available at the reduced price of 75 L. The outfit comes in two versions, with and without (Gasp) Panties … oh my goodness what was I thinking.

Midnight Mania

We have a brand new prize in the Midnight Mania board, the Red, “All the Same” unbuttoned shirt. The daily Target for the shirt will be 100

Weekly Dollarbie

This weeks weekly Dollarbie is, The Red Lazy Day Jeans. As always with the Dollarbies this will be 10 L and will only be available at the reduced cost for one week!

Weekly Freebie

This weeks freebie is an over the shoulder half shirt with a Skull texture. Eventually it will be part of an outfit with a Gypsy dress, when it’s complete

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Killer Queens

I haven’t blogged our new stuff for two weeks … Anna not happy and cracked the whip, so I here I be, deprived of freedom food, water and TV until this is done.

All The Same

Open collared shirts, available in 3 Colors, Red Pink and White, 3 Pack and Singles, Available in the store and on XstreetSL

Queen of Diamonds

Plaid Belted pants, Available in a 3 Pack and Singles. For one week only, the Tan pants are on sale for Letter of the Week, so are just 40 L

Knot Too Proud

Red Belted Pants, with a white Knotted shirt, seriously Hawt, Anna has been wearing it for a couple of days and Oh My Goodness … Hubba Hubba

Keeper of My Heart

Skirt outfit with prim panel, suspenders and stockings styled to look like pant legs. For the month of June only Keeper of my Heart is available as the Secret Keeper Hunt Prize.


Single Tee, for the Month of June only Karma is available as the Believe Hunt Prize

Men Call us Chicks

Single Tee, “Men Call Us Chicks, We Pick Up Worms”

We have two new Dollarbies and a new Freebie Set out in the store …

Teal Denim Shorts Dollarbie

Blue Breeze Tank Dollarbie

Ripped Peek A Boo

Ripped Peek a Boo shirt, pasties are included, best of all for this week only, its free!

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